Massage Types


This program is the most recommended for daily maintenance and muscular recovery

Lumbar Area:

This program has been programmed for deep relaxation of the lower back area. It is especially recommended for those persons that spend long periods sitting down.

Legs Kneading:

Massage Circular, revitalising kneading movement which is carried out all over the calf muscles

Seat Massage:

Seat massage improves circulation in the legs and lymphatic drainage, providing your legs with a pleasant feeling of lightness.

Neck & Shoulders:

This program is targeted at the neck area, providing relief to the muscular load and removing accumulated tension in the cervical zone.

Complete Massage:

This blend of massages has been developed exclusively by KEYTON and combines the Kneading and Tapping Massages. You can find out about the benefits of each massage by consulting their individual sections.

Tapping Massage:

With a Tapping massage, your back will receive a stimulating treatment thanks to the tapping action of the massage rollers. The benefits of this massage include: Stimulates blood circulation, a lasting effect which also increases the circulation of oxygen around the body.

Relieves lumbar and dorsal tension:

Has an incredible effect on the muscular areas of the body where fat or cellulitis can accumulate, and on the areas susceptible to muscular contractions. Can help to control dieting disorders and has a positive influence on bronchial problems.

Kneading Massage:

With a Kneading massage, the massage rollers perfectly simulate the hands of a professional masseur by performing a circulatory massage with the following benefits: Relieves neck pains and helps reduce fatigue after physical strain. Helps stimulate and strengthen muscles. Helps fight insomnia and has a positive effect on local and cardiac blood circulation. Produces a positive effect on muscle fibres due to the depth of the massage. Relaxes tense muscles and revitalizes muscle tissue.

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