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Belto Massago


Designed with six buttons: power, automatic (P), direction, time, speed-up and speed-down.
In automatic mode, there are three functions: lose weight, get rid of toxin and health care.
Set three time mode, 10min, 20min and 30min.
Five level of rotate speed adjustable.
LCD display, green backlight, beautiful and exquisite design.


We design the fat reducing massage belt according to the kinematics and the theory of traditional herbalist doctor’s nephropathy. We choose different operation programs according to different requests. There are three functions: lose weight, get rid of toxin and massage.

Lose weight function:

A lot of people meet fat afflictions; they try to lose weight through eat less, do more sports and take medicine, they not only cost so much money at all, but also feel very tired, but all these are not done at the end. BELTO fat slimming massage belt takes use of the high convolute speed according to the principle of :training and revert to activate the position where piled up fat, then make the fat smaller and break it away from the fat layer, the fat could be vent away from the body via the lymph system. If control your diet together, you can reach your aim of losing weight.

Get rid of toxin:

Get rid of toxin successfully or not affect the immunity system and body health directly. BELTO aims at the belly area where is full of points, strengthen absorbing oxygen and accelerate getting rid of the waste.

Massage function:

The Chinese traditional massage function can active the two systems of blood and lymph to carry fresh blood to every organ, and also can bring all the waste produced by all the organs to the lymph system, the blood will take all this away. Massage can reduce the intense and fatigue caused by working and sport. BELTO has obvious healthcare function.

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